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Bengbu high-tech energy equipment co., LTD
Bengbu high-tech energy equipment co., LTD. Is located at the city of bengbu in anhui province huai river shore、At the foot of the mountain,Is the government's investment promotion and capital introduction mainly provincial high-tech enterprises,Is a company dedicated to independent research and development of energy equipment、Manufacturing、Sales and engineering services of high-tech equipment manufacturing enterprises,The company's total investment2.2One hundred million yuan,Covers an area of7.9Million square meters。 Company main products are all kinds of high pressure and special gas compressor、Large displacement screw composite piston compressor、CNGLPG station complete sets of equipment、LNGComplete sets of equipment、Membrane nitrogen and nitrogen adsorption system complete sets of equipment,Oil and gas field of gas desulfurization、Take off the hydrocarbon、Separation、Compression、Filling、Storage and transportation equipment, etc;Well recovery of complete sets of equipment;Vent gas recovery of complete sets of equipment;Coalbed methane (CBM)、Shale gas and biogas development and utilization of complete sets of equipment;Super gravity desulfurization device;Horizontal desulfurization device、The company based on yu energy equipment industry,Fully draw lessons from domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience,With a high level of professional research and development team,High-quality management personnel and a strong sales and service team,Provide customers with high quality energy equipment products and system solutions...
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    What is air compressor propane tanks?
    Air compressor is one of the universal equipment industrial enterprises,Almost all of the processing enterprises are the existence of free press,For industrial enterprise production to provide endless power energy。Gas storage is one of form a complete set of air compressor accessories...


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