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   Gaomi city new into oak co., LTD is a professional production and sales of oak barrels,Oak baking plate and oak complete sets of production equipment of well-known companies,In the company2004Years since its founding,Has focused on the research and development and production of the product,The company has a professional technical personnel and high-quality technicians cooperage,High quality products and quality service has won the customers trust and respect,Also the stable development of the company。

      We are looking forward to grow with customers and achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable development。

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Specialized equipment and technical personnel cooperage,A good French oak as raw materials,Process rigorous development according to the traditional French oak barrels
Strict production process and quality standard,Ensure a high quality every oak barrels
Company to create value for our customers,Let the customer save worry save money,From production to after-sale processing to provide professional one-stop services
Speed is fast、Good quality,Reasonable price,Quality is superior,Excellent quality and reasonable price

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